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#1 Creating a table with menu

Using the type tool create a text frame
Select "New Table" from the Options menu (note: Table may have it's own menu)
A dialogue box will appear
Fill in the dialogue box, or use the default
A table is created.

-In Step 3, Comment on the placement and content of "New Table" dialogue box. Are the fields as you would expect, if not, what would expect to see? WOuld you expect the content to be layed out or organized differently, if so how?
-Step 4 is an example of auto grow for text in cells. Is the behavior what you would expect? If not please comment as to your expectations.

Step 1
Choose the type tool. Create a text frame. (note: the frame may already have text in it and the table will insert at the blinking cursor).


Step 2
Select "new table" from the Object menu. This causes a dialogue box to appear. (note: placement and arrangement of table in the menu bar to be defined)

Step 3
New Table dialogue box.

Step 4
A "New Table" dialogue box will appear.
The fields will have defaults of 3 rows, 3 columns and auto in the height. Auto in the height box allows the height of the cell to increase if while typing the cell becomes full, as you continue to type the entire row of cells will increase in height. See sample cell marked with "a" below.