Johnni Aguirre

UX Program Manager, Principal | Design Program Manager | Product Manager | UX Designer

About Me

Experienced Program Manager with over 20 years working with design teams to deliver enterprise software, mobile applications and v1 products. Proven success at companies such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Citrix, Consera, Hewlett-Packard, and Disney in leading cross-functional teams to deliver intuitive and user-friendly products on time and within budget.


Senior Product Designer
Abobe InDesign

Senior Product Manager - Management and UX
WatchGuard Technologies

Senior UX Program Manager/Architect

UX Design Program Manager
Consera AgileOne

Functionality/Usability Analyst
Disney DTSS - Cloud Services Framework

Graphic Designer
K2 Skis



Johnni was great at driving projects and keeping people on task. She made sure that everyone doing what they were being held responsible for and had the support that they needed. Johnni did very well at working with the developers and designers.

Gordon Mangione
CEO Tipbit

Johnni is a hard working dedicated PM with great organizational skills. I had the pleasure of working with Johnni on Citrix Essentials for Hyper-V and XenServer at Citrix. Among other tasks Johnni played a key role in driving the planning and tracking of deliverables which was an important factor in our ability as a team to consistently deliver quality product releases on time and to schedule.

Steve Umbehocker
CEO OSnexus

Johnni is still to date my favorite manager after 15 some odd years working behind the computer. She is very good a guiding the team and making a fun place to work plus she mentored me in web design.

Sean Ruddy
Web Developer

I had the pleasure of working with Johnni while I was a consultant on a contract at Consera/HP (HP acquired the startup Consera). Johnni was very well respected. She was perceived as one of the 'thought leaders' in the group by the new HP management team. Johnni is very knowledgeable and thorough in her approach to UI design. I enjoyed working with Johnni, and I would highly recommend her.

James WIlson
SR Project Manager REI

I had the pleasure of reporting to Johnni on multiple projects at XenSource and at Citrix. Johnni was the Senior Program Manager for UX. She has a deep understanding of UI standards and designed many of the UI components/views that I was responsible for implementing. She is customer oriented, quality driven, and has excellent communication skills.

John Naab
Principal Software Engineer at OS Nexus

I've worked frequently with Johnni on different projects and highly recommend her. She has enormous capacity to identify problems and create solutions, and utilizes critical thinking in order to come up with ideas that are the perfect match for the needs of the business while paying attention to every detail. She's a great team player and motivator, and would be an asset to anyone that is able to take advantage of her experience and skills.

Jim Cutler
Web Developer

Johnni was working on driving the UX program through the Citrix development and release process. She started off story boarding the interface and creating an outline with what they wanted the UI to look like. Johnni and I then showed these storyboards to partners to get feedback. Johnni managed the specification and drove the projects though development. A strength of Johnni's is her ability to manage projects. She is also good at creating great professional relationships. She has a great understanding of customer requirements and can work across continents with multiple groups.

Peter Benoit
V.P. Application Resource Management Group