XenSource, Inc., is a company that supported the development of the open source project and enterprise applications of the software. As UX Program Manager I led the design and initial development for XenCenter, the the administration console for the XenSource virtualization platform. I successfully shipped three full versions of XenServer and XenCenter prior to the Citrix acquisition.

XenSource, Inc. was acquired by Citrix Systems in October 2007.

I was hired to re-design and oversee the development of the existing XenServer management console called XenCenter, the new version is Windows-based. I developed the product requirements by evaluating existing Java (Linux) product. Incorporating user feedback with feature analysis from competitive product’s and input from the Xen user forums. Once we had an initial set of requirements we refined and iterated on the features, functionality, usability, interactions, and interface elements.

I led a team of contracted developers and outsourced some of the visual design elements (icons) to build a working prototype. We coordinated the adoption of development to the existing development team in Cambridge and Palo Alto, and integrated into the XenServer development and product teams.